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Coordinator of Player Marketing

Larry works for the Chicago Bulls. He has a COOL JOB as the Coordinator of Player Marketing.

A Day in the Life Of:

“I’m on the phone a lot.” In the morning, Larry calls organizations and sponsors and sets up charity events and publicity events for the players. In the afternoons, he and the players will make appearances at various locations.

Taste of the Goods:

Last year Larry assisted Elton Brand, the NBA’s Rookie of the Year, with a Chevy car deal. “It’s a lot like how Jordan started out. It’s neat to see him grow & to see the start of a new era.”

How He Got That Gig:

After Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin left the Bulls, the organization decided that they better invest in a players rep. Larry was a professional basketball player himself and has a long history of sales and marketing experience. It is a perfect fit.

Career path:

Larry grew up in Chicago and has always been a Bulls fan. He played basketball for four years at the University of Tennessee and played in the CBA after college. His first break was as an intern for the Chicago White Sox in ticket sales.

He then moved on to work at Sports Channel Chicago (now FOX) as a coordinator in marketing and affiliate relations where he coordinated promotions and advertising for the Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox. Next on the resume was a job at Black Entertainment Television (BET) as a regional sales affiliate. “I got tired of selling and I wanted to get back into sports,” said Larry. Then came the opportunity with the Chicago Bulls.

High Five:

“The best thing about this job is interacting with all types people.”

Down Low:

“It’s no fun when you hear no’s (from sponsors), when you get rejected.”

Wish List:

“I want to be as effective as I can be and to provide my players with as many lucrative offers as possible. They need quality opportunities. I want to keep working and put myself in a position where I’m pushing corporate Chicago,” said Larry.

Words from the Wise:

“This is a young team. Soon enough they are going to sell themselves.”

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