Michael works for Rolling Stone Magazine. He has a COOL JOB as a Publicist.

His Gig:

Michael’s job is to get publicity for each Rolling Stone magazine that hits the stands. When you read reviews or news articles about a story or event that ran in Rolling Stone Magazine, Michael may have been involved in the interview process. He works with other media outlets and the writers and reporters at Rolling Stone to gain more media coverage for the magazine. He sets up interviews with the writers and editors of Rolling Stone when other magazines, newspapers, radio stations, etc., are interested in writing stories about them.

How He Got This Gig:

Michael answered an ad in the New York Times and got the job.

A Day In The Life Of:

Michael spends a good chunk of the day mailing, faxing and making phone calls to other media outlets like newspapers, other magazines, radio stations, etc. “I have to get the brand name of Rolling Stone out there.”

Career Path:

During college he got an internship in New York City with Walt Disney Studios. After graduation, the studio had an full-time position open and he worked there for a few years. He then worked as a publicist for a national tour of the Broadway show, Ms. Saigon. He has been at Rolling Stone now for five months.

High Five:

“Without a doubt, the people I work with. I love music and to be involved with music is great!”

Down Low:

“My job is very labor intensive.”

Words From the Wise:

“Get an internship! Be very aggressive during summer breaks. Work and network.”


BS Communications from Ithaca College.

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