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Snowboard Instructor

Scott works for Breckenridge Ski Resort. He has a COOL JOB as a Ski and Snowboard Instructor.

His Gig:

Loss spends his days on Colorado slopes teaching people how to ski and snowboard. His goal is to open his students' eyes to the natural beauty of being on the mountain. He's been an instructor for 14 years.

A Day In The Life Of:

Loss is on the hill by 8 a.m. to warm up for the day's lessons and training. He is on the hill instructing for two or three hours before breaking for lunch. In the afternoon, he does it all over again. At night, he meets with other instructors to recap the day's events.

Career Path:

After college he decided that he wanted to make a career out of his love for the mountains. His first big break was when he met the ski school director from Breckenridge. This was his first foot in the door. He plans to continue teaching and pursue a state certification so he can teach in public schools. He has been enjoying the recreation industry and says that as far as his career path goes "I'm on it!"

High Five:

"Meeting people. Making available different levels of awareness and consciousness."

Down Low:

"Dealing with the wide spread myths that people come to the mountains with." He says that his job is to dispel their beliefs that skiing is hard or dangerous. He makes them feel more comfortable about learning.

Words From the Wise:

"Don't get into it if you want to make money. It's more for the adventure and excitement of being outside and feeling young everyday."

How Cool is This?

Loss is the coach and team captain of an international, eight-person synchronized precision ski team. They compete in downhill, synchronized formations and precision routines.

Wish List:

"To have the ability to snap my fingers and increase everybody's awareness and consciousness of the transcendental experiences of nature."

For More Information:

Check out for more information about Breckenridge Ski Resort. for year-round and seasonal job listings at ski resorts in Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone and Breckenridge.

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