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Analytics Director

Karen works for ACNielsen. She has a COOL JOB as an Analytics Director.

Her Gig:

"I was looking for an avenue to apply my analytical skills, and a recruiter from ACNielsen interviewed me on campus. It sounded interesting and I've been at ACNielsen for the past 15 years."

A Day in the Life Of:

As a director, her day involves a combination of management, client interaction, hands-on project work and a bit of administrative work from time to time. "Our client is Kraft Foods and a typical project involves modeling sales of their products as a function of their marketing elements (trade promotions, consumer promotions, TV advertising and pricing). Based on the model, we provide strategic direction to Kraft as to how to allocate their marketing dollars." She typically works 8 and a half hours a day.

High Five:

"The most exciting part of my job is seeing Kraft take action based on our recommendations. They have reallocated millions of dollars based on our recommendations."

Down Low:

"I don't enjoy the administrative part of my job, but luckily it is not a big part of the job."

Wish List:

"To continue to stay challenged and to continue to make an impact with the company."

Words From the Wise:

"It's a hot market. With a masters degree in a quantitative field and a couple years of experience, the opportunities are phenomenal. It's extremely difficult to find candidates with a mix of quantitative and communication skills. If you have that combination, you will exceed in this field."


M.S. — Statistics, B.S. — Economics, Math

Paying the Bills:

With a masters degree, associates typically start from $45,000-$53,000

For More Information:

Look at ACNielsen for employment opportunities and career information.

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