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M.A.C Sales Rep

Katherine works for M.A.C. Cosmetics. She has a COOL JOB as a makeup representative.

Her Gig:

In the past 2 years I've had an interest in the art of make-up and the different ways you can express attitude through MAC cosmetics. I always loved playing with make-up when I was a child, now it's like painting a canvas beautifully!

A Day in the Life Of:

A typical day of work includes 3-7 make-overs per day and giving suggestions on which make-up is best for certain skin conditions and types. The majority of my day is replenishing our stock and getting to know new products.

Hive Five:

"Making people feel good about themselves. Also, giving them a whole new outlook about their beauty."

Down Low:

"When customers who aren't interested in the makeup really want make-overs and all of my attention. I must concentrate on those customers who I know are really interested and not just wanting a free make-over."

Wish List:

One day being a stylist for a star! Words From the Wise: "Work hard to achieve your goals and set reasonable ones that you know you can obtain!"


Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising

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