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Marketing Manager

Norma works for the Anti-Cruelty Society. She has a COOL JOB as a Marketing Manager.

Her Gig:

Norma explored different majors in college spanning from psychology to fashion design. She ended up in marketing and combined her love for animals with her major and has been working with animals ever since.

Career Path:

Norma did an internship with the Anti-Cruelty Society while in college and then took a full-time job with the Society upon graduation. She started as a marketing assistant for seven months and was then promoted to marketing manager.

A Day in the Life Of:

She manages a variety of different roles such as editing a quarterly newspaper and handles all media relations. She organizes the Adopt-A-Pet segment on TV and she screens events that local businesses want the Anti-Cruelty Society to participate in. She coordinates volunteers and selects animals for all public events.

High Five:

Knowing that what she does is helping animals and those who want to love a pet.

Down Low:

“Seeing what people are capable of doing to animals.”

Wish List:

“A promotion to director of marketing.”


B.S. in marketing communications with an emphasis on public relations from Columbia College in NYC.

Words from the Wise:

“Be persistent. Know what you want and do not settle. Do what it takes to get where you want.”

Paying the Bills:

“Expect reward to be greater than salary when working for a Non-For-Profit Corporation.”

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